Some Kind of Wonderful

Some Kind of Wonderful
Run Time: 39 minutes

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When best friends Sam, Steve and Tony moved away from Los Angeles to the Desert, they thought Palm Springs was going to be a quiet sleepy town where one eventually retires. Little did they know that Palm Springs is a happening booming city with more adventures and chaos than they could imagine. When Sam's younger brother Eddie comes to live with him, it puts another whole twist to this romantic comedy. Blend together the Golden Girls, Desperate Housewives and a gay male version of Sex and the City and you have

'Some Kind of Wonderful'

Starring Greg Louganis, Ann Walker, Pandora Boxx, Rosemary Alexander, Newell Alexander,Ricky Reidling, Eric Turic, Jeff Marchelletta, Heather Holaday, Chuck Saculla and David Pevsner